Are You Experiencing Chronic Pain, Low Energy, “Brain Fog” or Have Been Diagnosed With a Life- or Lifestyle-Threatening Condition?

West Vancouver residents are faced with an epidemic of life -and lifestyle- threatening conditions ranging from acute to chronic pain and obesity to increasing rates of cancer, adrenal burnout and full out autoimmune attacks, where the body’s immune system literally attacks the body.

Incredibly, conventional medicine often aims to treat these conditions by simply reducing or masking the symptoms instead of dealing with the true cause of disease.

As a Vitalistic Chiropractor in West Vancouver, Dr. Sukhi focuses on health and healing by assisting your body’s innate ability to adapt and integrate stresses, toxins and past challenging experiences from your life so that you can truly heal and create a state of optimal health.

Our innovative approach, utilizing the 5 Pillars of Optimal Health, addresses your individual needs to alleviate acute, chronic and complex health issues to move towards a balanced state of wellness.

The 5 Pillars of Optimal Health

The flow of information through the nerve system is the life line to every cell, tissue and organ in the body. Hands on tonal adjustments to the master control nerve system are a major key to healing and expressing radiant health.

Understanding the most cutting edge principles to creating radiant vitality and optimal health is paramount. Optimal mindset principles allow clients to have focus, direction, and an optimistic outlook to better create their health and life.

Every organ and system within the body requires fuel for sustenance. The proper balance of optimal nutrients & minerals creates radiant health, disease prevention and optimal body composition and weight.

Every exercise program is not for every person. Specific biomechanics of each person is assessed to recommend which activities are best suited to create optimal fitness and weight loss in minimal time.

Stress and Toxins are major contributors to mortality and morbidity. Releasing them from the mind and body allows people to be more adaptable, heal from disease, be healthier and have a greater peace of mind.

Upcoming Seminars

  • Optimal Living 101 Seminar – September 20, 2017
    In this introductory seminar I will teach you what YOU MUST be doing to maximize your health and well-being. Personally, I’ve been immersed in maximizing Health and Optimal Living for the past 20 years and during this interactive Seminar I share the same powerful Optimal Living strategies that...
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What People Are Saying….

  • Connie
    I was affected by the constant pain of severe, debilitating headaches I’ve always paid attention to diet and been active physically.  I’m also a worrier...
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  • Nasim
    We were introduced to Dr. Sukhi by my best friend, who had attended one of his seminars and was his patient for a few weeks....
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  • Lanny
    After my first week I started to notice immediate changes in my digestive system.  My bowel movements became more regular than I can remember. These...
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"...We are on a Healthier, Happier, and more fulfilling path. Thank you Dr. Sukhi and Kate!"