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5 Things to Prevent the Flu

Hi friend, – emergency payday I trust you’re having an extraordinary summer and are getting ready for our last season of the year. It’s during this time of year I get asked the same question from dozens and dozens of health conscious people just like you.

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Are your Health Concerns from Missing Electrons?

Hi Friends, Great weather is upon us and I hope you’ve already spent some quality time outside basking in the goodness. In this week’s Vlog I share the importance of being outside (hanging out on the earth) and how a lack of it can actually have detrimental

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The Fastest Way to Decrease Stress

Hi Friend, I trust you had an amazing long weekend and got a taste of what’s in store for us this spring. Personally, I’m in Daddy bliss and am so grateful to experience life with two extraordinary woman, Kate & Indira. Here’s what I have for you

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