The Process for Chiropractic Adjustments

An adjustment is a process where I’ll use my hands to empower your system to integrate subluxations. Subluxations are unintegrated experiences that cause disconnections and interference to your nerve system. Subluxations affect your expression of optimal well-being physically, mentally and emotionally.

From the moment you were conceived your goal and intention as a human being was to grow and evolve. Every experience and event in your life is an opportunity for your system to adapt and grow.

It is the role of your nerve system to take these experiences (input) and integrate them into the matrix of your body at a subatomic and cellular level. If at any time your nerve system cannot fully integrate a certain event or experience, it will store this force (input) anywhere in your body as a subluxation. Therefore, subluxations are simply energy stored in your body changing the expression of who you are physically, mentally and emotionally.

The beauty of the subluxation is that the stored energy contains all the information from the original experience so you do not lose the opportunity to learn and evolve.

Your chiropractors’ intention is to help your body identify and connect to these areas of stored energy. For example, my chiropractic adjustments gently release the subluxation by simply shifting the potential energy (stored energy) into kinetic energy (energy in motion) empowering your body to fully integrate and learn from the original experience without going through the havoc of reliving the actual experience.

You will be given specific adjustments tailored for your body depending on how you store potential energy. Bodies store energy in three different areas; the muscles, soft connective tissue (ligaments and tendons), and bones. The force required to transform potential energy into kinetic energy in the muscles and soft connective tissue is light, while there is slightly more force when the potential energy is stored in bones.

When the information from your life experiences begins to integrate you may experience changes in all areas of your life. You may notice increased energy levels, symptomatic relief, better sleep, greater clarity and meaning in your life, greater personal expression, better relations with others, and an overall improved quality of life. By getting adjusted you will be guided toward expressing your full life potential: A unity of body, mind and spirit. In this way we may be freed, as nature intended, to pursue, experience and explore life to its fullest.



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