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The definition of optimal health that most people have grown up with is that it’s the absence of symptoms, sickness and disease. Yet there are a lot of people, even patients at At The Centre for Optimal Living in West Vancouver, who are not experiencing health challenges, that you would not consider as being vibrant and healthy.

Chiropractic wellness is based on the understanding that optimal health is having the ability to adapt and integrate experiences and events from your life so you may continue to grow and evolve. Every second of every day your nerve system is coordinating millions of processes so you may best adapt to your life and environment. For example, normal body temperature tends to be 37 degrees Celsius, regardless of whether it’s a cold winter evening or hot summer day. To maintain this state of balance your nerve system must either conserve or dissipate heat by changing blood flow to the periphery of your body.

Another example is when you consume sugar. The moment your tongue touches sugar, your nerve system sends messages to your pancreas to release insulin into the blood stream so the sugar may be metabolized.  When functioning properly this is how your body responds. When it fails to respond in this manner because insufficient insulin is being released from the pancreas, one is said to have a form of diabetes.

I invite you to ask yourself this important question:

Is being healthy feeling good all of the time?

Many vital adaptive and integrating processes occurring in the body may not feel comfortable and it may be tempting to block or mask these processes with pharmaceuticals to feel more comfortable. For example, if you eat some rotten potato salad, the next day you may be vomiting and have diarrhea. From a traditional perspective we have been domesticated to think that we need a pharmaceutical to stop this process and you may even call in to work saying that you are sick.

Is this really true?  Are you sick? Is your body adapting inappropriately or are the processes of vomiting and diarrhea healthy responses given the circumstances. With this new definition of health your body is responding in a perfectly healthy way. You are expressing health by eliminating the toxins you ingested the previous day.

I always remind people that the nerve system is the master control system in your body. If it is not adapting, upgrading or communicating to the cells of your body, you are not functioning at your best. The chiropractic wellness lifestyle is not about covering anything up, rather it is about empowering you to fully integrate everything that life is offering you. This will allow your nerve system to fully express itself and keep you at your best. You do not have to be ill to get well.

Optimal health is about fully expressing yourself physically, mentally and emotionally from a place of trust. The chiropractic wellness lifestyle is about fully experiencing all that life has to offer, being happy, conscious and vibrant.



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