Chiropratic Care for Adults and Aging Gracefully

As you age would you like to exist or actually be living,experiencing life to its fullest? Do you want to be reactive or proactive in living your life? I want you to know that where you are today is a result of beliefs, actions and behaviors of yesterday. And where your life is going is dependent on the beliefs, actions and behaviors of today. To live a proactive life includes adopting a wellness lifestyle that actively empowers you to co-create, manifest and live the life you intend fully connected to your mind, body and spirit.

In the western world the average life expectancy has increased by over 30 years in the last century. We have been domesticated to believe that this is due to better medical care. Medicine is a vital service that specializes in diagnosis and treatment of symptoms, sickness and disease. The absence of disease or illness does not equate to optimal health. Research has shown that medical care has contributed to 15% while lifestyle factors contributed to 85% of the increase in life-span of 30 years. Therefore, your quantity and quality of living is dependent on factors over which you have full control over.

A reasonable question to ask yourself based on the above research is, “What can I do to increase the quantity and quality of my life?

Research has also shown that not fully integrating life’s experiences and creating subluxations as you age has been linked to chromosomal damage, loss of muscle strength and a loss of memory. It is wonderful to live longer, however, the quality of life during these extra years is vitally important.

How may we all better sustain the child within us as we age? Research has shown that chiropractic plays an instrumental role in sustaining a high quality of living as we age.

Adults who receive regular chiropractic care:

    • Are more likely to exercise vigorously
    • Are less likely to be hospitalized
    • Are more likely to report a better health status
    • Are less likely to need and use prescription drugs
    • Are less likely to need to use a nursing home
    • Are more likely to be active in the community

Your quality of life and health is dependent on the choices you make today. Be proactive and adopt a wellness lifestyle that will add more years to your life and more life to your years. I’d love the opportunity, at my Centre for Optimal Living in West Vancouver BC, to show you how you can create a state of optimal health.



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