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It often takes the loss of our health, or that of a loved one, for many of us to appreciate the importance of our health. It is so important to understand that to improve your health simply means to fully express the self-regulating and self-healing organism that you are. Simply stated, health and wellness comes from within.

What is your passion for life? Is it being a parent, your career, recreational activities, education, travel, personal growth, family?

Whatever it is, it will require that you always have your health. To maximize this journey of growth and evolution you and your family must ask yourselves a very important question.

Do you want to be reactive or proactive towards your health and quality of living?

A 20-year study showed that the most widespread western diseases (diabetes, heart disease, cancer and arthritis) are directly related to basic lifestyle factors. With a reactive lifestyle your system will shift from states of dis-ease (unease) to disease, never truly expressing a state of optimal health and quality of life.

On the other hand, choosing to be proactive will facilitate optimal health and quality of life. A well balanced diet, education, creative pursuits, exercising and drinking water are all important factors related to your health. However, the nerve system is the master control system in your body. A clear nerve system empowers you to integrate all of the events and experiences in your life.

Your health and well-being of tomorrow is dependent upon the beliefs, thoughts and behaviors you express today. Health and wellness comes from within and it will reach its best, when, like your life, you take responsibility for it.

A long-term study with over 2800 people getting regular chiropractic adjustments displayed something fascinating. They reported ongoing improvement in health, well-being and quality of life. All of these people were getting adjusted, not because they were ill or sick, but because they wanted to be their best. The longer they received regular chiropractic care the higher their level of health and quality of life.

Health is a journey, not a destination, and there is always something we can be doing or improving in ourselves along the way. Chiropractic care, and The Centre for Optimal Living in West Vancouver, is ideal for those who choose to embark on this life long journey towards being their best.



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