Chiropratic Care for Babies in West Vancouver

Many people often ask, “Why is it important to bring newborns to the Studio to get checked? It is because coming into this world is physically, chemically and emotionally stressful.
For example, during the birth process, on an emotional level the heart rate and levels of stress hormones in the blood of a newborn exceed those of an adult who is experiencing a heart attack. On a chemical level, even when the newborn and mother avoid outside-in drugs, which so often accompany the birthing process, there’s a challenge with oxygen. The baby must go from a fluid filled low oxygen environment to one with high levels. This unavoidable chemical stress forces the newborn to adapt very quickly. On a physical level the entire process may be very challenging. The baby’s head, neck and shoulders are put under incredible pressure as they pass the birth canal. The size of the baby’s head and mothers twisted birth canals add to this stress.
Even when there are few complications, there is no denying that the birth process is a major event that may be challenging. If your baby does not fully integrate the birth process it may store in their body as a subluxation. One of the most dangerous and expensive misconceptions held by people today is that an absence of symptoms equates with being healthy. This is especially true in the case of subluxations where interference patterns will dampen the nerve system predisposing your baby to symptoms, sickness or diseases that may manifest months or even years later.
Chiropractic wellness care is about being proactive, co-creating and manifesting the life of your dreams. The earlier one gets checked by a chiropractor such as Dr. Sukhi Muker, the better they will fully experience life, physically, mentally and emotionally from a connected place of trust. By allowing their intelligence from within to be fully expressed they will be better prepared to face all the challenges that life has to offer. Similar to all experiences, integrating the birth process fully will ensure your newborn has the best start in life.



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