Chiropractic Wellness Care for Children and Adolescents

To have the opportunity to care for a child is such a special gift. Your child’s health today provides the window of opportunity through which to shape the health, well-being, and consciousness of humanity tomorrow. Children have an amazing ability to learn, grow, adapt and change, all of which can be best summarized as a time of ‘developmental opportunity’. In fact, your child’s development is so important that it is becoming increasingly recognized as a major determinant of who and what they will become during the course of their life.

A major concern for you as a parent is how to ensure your children have the best opportunity to express their full potential in life. It was once believed that the health of your child could be determined by the presence or absence of symptoms. However, it is now recognized that this is not always the case and that the health and quality of life of your children is better determined by their ability to interpret, integrate and appropriately respond to environmental stimulus and experiences.

Are your children fully integrating all the experiences life is offering them? There is one system in your child’s body that is fully responsible for accurately perceiving, interpreting and integrating all the messages from the environment.  Whether the input is physical, chemical or emotional, that system decides how to accurately receive, integrate, and respond appropriately to changes taking place within their body and their environment. This master control system is the nerve system. It is responsible for repair, growth and the function of every cell, tissue and organ in the body. It is also responsible for sending out appropriate chemicals, hormones and neuropeptides responsible for emotions, higher thought, new perspectives and levels of consciousness.

If your children are not fully integrating all of life’s experiences they may be creating interference to their nerve system. These subluxations may go undetected for many years and may manifest later as physical problems, emotional disturbances, poor sleep, anxiety or behavioral issues.

Chiropractic wellness care is about adopting a lifestyle that will actively empower your children in expressing their greatest gifts fully connected to their mind, body and spirit. It is never too soon to introduce your children to the chiropractic wellness lifestyle: a flexible and adaptable fully functioning nerve system, a balanced diet, exercise, creative pursuits, reduced stress and a positive outlook on life. Let’s make a better future for everyone, intend for your children to live a connected and fully integrated life. Our future depends on it.



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