Quantum Physics of Health

With the discovery of quantum physics, our understanding of the world has changed considerably. Prior to its discovery, it was thought that matter was solid and rigid. Quantum physics has shown us that all matter is made of the same materials; protons, neutrons, and electrons, and it is the vibration and tone of these particles that gives matter all of its properties. Therefore, what makes you different from a concrete wall is not what you are made of, but the energy/tone you are vibrating at. Your vibration and tone has a much higher energy and complexity than the concrete wall, thus are vibrating at a much higher level. The more life any matter is expressing, the greater the vibrational frequency and tone will be.

Today’s scientists not only view the body as a physical structure, but also as an energetic system. This understanding is revolutionizing the health care system and our ability to heal and be well. What makes you the conscious person that you are, physically, mentally and emotionally is the frequency and tone your body is resonating at. Think of an energy frequency as one musical note, and several energy frequencies as several musical notes. Your body is made up of millions of energy frequencies, essentially making you a walking musical symphony.

These unintegrated experiences can build up over years or even a lifetime in your body, creating layers of stored energy or tension. For some, these areas of stored energy may be small; in others, there may be numerous experiences that have been stored for many years. These areas of tension are what chiropractors call subluxations and your system will speak to you. They often lead to tight muscles, misaligned bones, decreased immune functions, or impaired nerve functioning. They may also express physically as an ache, pain or tissue disease; mentally as negative thoughts, low self confidence or worth; emotionally as undesirable behavioral patterns (impatience, anxious, anger, frustration, unhappiness, depression, manic, cynical) or chemically as a toxicity or autoimmune disease.

The purpose of chiropractic is not to remove the effect of the interference, but to listen and learn from the physical, mental or emotional pattern and utilize it to empower you to become more flexible and adaptable. The chiropractic wellness lifestyle will enable your system to fully integrate stored patterns and will empower you so events and experiences that would once cause you discomfort, pain or heart ache will better integrate.



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