The Role of Chiropractic

When experiences are integrated, or the intelligence flowing through your nerve system understands and processes the information contained in the experience, you will learn, grow, and evolve. If that experience is not integrated, the information contained in the experience will be stored in your body as tension or an interference pattern.
This information is perceived as being foreign to your body and can be very dramatic. For example, this may feel similar to somebody screaming at you on the street for reasons you are unaware of. Your body will become tense, your heart rate will speed up, and you may feel very threatened. This is because your body cannot understand the experience; it is too large and is beyond your comprehension.  To compound this, the more you think about the experience, the worse the tension becomes. Years later, you may see the person who screamed at you on the street and you may become nervous or defensive, again for reasons unknown. This is because this unintegrated experience produces interference in the expression of your intelligence or life force, leading to distortions in the structure of your body.



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