Your Evolution!

Every second of every day your body is bombarded with sensory information.  This information enters your body as energy with a specific frequency and tone.  Your eyes, ears, tongue, nose and skin perceive this energy.  These receptors collect the energy and the brain and nerve system interprets it to recognize the sight, smell, sound, taste and touch.  This information can come from experiences such as falling in love, starting a career, getting married, or learning to skate.

All these experiences are different, but they are all energetic in nature.   For example, think back to the first time you fell in love.  All of the sensations and emotions of falling in love entered your body as energy with a specific frequency.  This new frequency was added to the energy you were vibrating at before this experience, thus making you a new person ever so slightly.  Therefore, when we integrate an experience that life has given us, we add a note to the music that we are presently playing, thus increasing the complexity of our music.

As a child, your music was very simple with few tones and frequencies.  However, as you experienced more life, your music became more and more complex because you integrated so many new experiences.  As the complexity of your music increases, the complexity of your structure increases.  Therefore, when an experience becomes integrated, both your music (through vibrational tone) and your structure become more complex.  This is essentially what evolution is:  biological living systems integrating vibrational experiences over billions of years.  As a result, every experience, physical, chemical or emotional gives all of us the opportunity to learn, grow and evolve.



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