I was affected by the constant pain of severe, debilitating headaches I’ve always paid attention to diet and been active physically.  I’m also a worrier  and a nurturer and take on others problems as well as my own.   I carry most of my stress in my upper back and didn’t realize that the tension was accumulating until it could no longer be ignored.  I’ve tried massage, acupuncture and other avenues but didn’t get any lasting relief until I saw Sukhi.  At first it was for upper body stress and much later for severe, debilitating headaches. My entire life was affected by the constant pain and made me realize that I cannot let it get to this point again.  We do live in a world with varying degrees of tension.  To be able to deal with our daily stresses we must keep our entire bodies in balance.  Over the last few years I realize that I’ve been RE-active with my body instead of PRO-active.   As soon as my back was in proper alignment from the adjustments my headaches stopped and I had much more energy.

The pain was just an indicator of imbalance within my system and with proper help the body could heal itself.   I now realize that in order to maintain a healthy life style I must be PRO-active and make regular adjustments just another part of my routine.  I hope anyone suffering from headaches as I did considers proper regular adjustments as a real solution to total body care rather than oral band aids to mask the problem.  With Sukhi’s help I will now work with my body rather than fighting it.

Thank you, Sukhi.

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"...We are on a Healthier, Happier, and more fulfilling path. Thank you Dr. Sukhi and Kate!"