After my first week I started to notice immediate changes in my digestive system.  My bowel movements became more regular than I can remember. These were just a few of the physical changes I experienced. More profoundly, I was deeply impacted by other life changing events.

Some of you that read this may think that these events may have happened regardless, but let me assure you that the precision, direction and synchronicity could not have been better aligned.

While getting adjusted I noticed a book at Sunshine Life Studio that took my interest and early on I realized that I am very spiritual and through the reading connected with my inner spirit.

I was also at a job that although the work was very rewarding the setting was problematic, so much so that I thought that I was not going to survive. I was going home feeling upset on a frequent and persistent basis. However, I kept a positive attitude and the adjustments helped connect me and stay grounded. Spontaneously within a couple of months I was contacted from another organization and offered a position. I took the position and now realize that it is my dream job; exactly what I was asking for. All of this without even drawing up a single resume.

I also started to change my view on “aches and pains” that sometimes occur as I regularly stress my body with exercise such as running, weight training, yoga, softball and cycling. I used to go to the Chiropractor in another city I lived in to get rid of the aches and pain. Now, by getting adjusted on a weekly basis I realize that I don’t go to get rid of pain. Pain is an important message and sometimes tells us when things are wrong and other times can be an anomaly of no big importance. Pain is what it is. Now I realize that all experiences whether physical, mental or spiritual need to be integrated into the body and by getting adjusted regularly my body can better facilitate this process.

I can honestly say that since getting adjusted I am more connected to myself and who I am, why I am here and with life in general. I believe that getting regular adjustments has opened up a myriad of experiences for me and my family. I now think that the necessity of having a regular adjustment is much like that of eating a meal for sustenance. It needs to be experienced for optimal living.

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