Meherunissa’s Story

We are grateful to Meherunissa for her openness in sharing her story.
     “I feel most honored to provide you the feedback you have requested.
     What inspired me to see Dr Sukhi was a 14yr chronic condition, which started off as a simple “trip” over a chair that developed into a chronic injury that never healed.  During the past 14yrs I have been to medical doctors, specialists, naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, Chinese herbalists, you name it, in the quest to get better, but to no avail.  In 2010, my condition worsened, to the point that I do not know how I managed to function and work.  It was like a nightmare that never ended.  My body had slowly started to deteriorate, literally.  I knew I needed help, but nothing was working for me.  The medical profession had no answers, I was put through one test after another, bounced from one specialist to another, each giving me the same story over and over, even when the tests showed otherwise.  I ended up having many rounds of antibiotic IVs and oral doses and lots of cortisone crème with only worsening of the symptoms.  When my co-worker suggested Dr Sukhi late last year, I rolled my eyes and thought “yup another chiropractor”, (sorry doc!), however the seed had been sown and I finally decided to pay him a visit after being disappointed yet again with the specialists’ diagnosis earlier this year.
       I did not know what to expect, but I was greatly surprised!  When I heard Dr Sukhi’s explanation of what he does and his theory, my gut feeling was “I have found what I was looking for”.  Even his treatment is nothing what I expected, and he seemed to be preaching on the lines of what I had been brought up with prior to my migrating to Canada.
       Today I can say I have more good days than bad.  The ankle has started to heal as the pain has now gone, I still have a little heavy feeling at times and the itching starts up again, but like the doc says, it is healing.  I have also noticed I have more energy, clarity and focus of mind and feel less stressed out.  Some symptoms still crop up every now and then, however, I realise that it is my body trying to talk to me and healing itself.  I also know I have still a way to go before I am totally up on par again.
I can say that I am slowly coming back into balance mentally and spiritually.
      Dr Sukhi is a very gentle and a patient person, I think of him as my “guru” as he has shown me the way back again.
     The treatment is non-invasive and has somehow jump start my body’s healing process.  He has not pushed any forms of pills, diets or exercise but has been very focused on addressing the root of the problem and is gently bringing my body back to health / balance again.  It is certainly not an overnight thing.
    Thank you Doc!”
-Meherunissa M.



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"...We are on a Healthier, Happier, and more fulfilling path. Thank you Dr. Sukhi and Kate!"