We were introduced to Dr. Sukhi by my best friend, who had attended one of his seminars and was his patient for a few weeks.  We were out for coffee one night just the two of us when my husband called me and said our older daughter (3 ½ at the time) Kimiya is having one of her cough attacks again and that I should get home as soon as possible.  I just lost it and started crying as I knew what that meant, many sleepless nights with her not being able to catch her breath and turning blue in her lips, trips to the hospital and pediatric clinic.  My best friend insisted I call Dr. Sukhi and leave a message for an appointment for the next day (February 13, 2009). The next morning Kate called me and fit us into their busy schedule and on that day our lives began to change.  His adjustments changed Kimiya into a whole new child, she had not been able to attend preschool, or any child gatherings as her immune system was so weak, she would catch a cold.  She had Mono, Bronchitis and was sick, on antibiotics EVERY WEEK, using an Asthma puffer 3 times daily, and pediatricians had confirmed she would have to use them for life…….

We met Dr. Sukhi, I explained Kimiya’s life from pregnancy to date to him and he gave me so much HOPE…real HOPE… I instantly trusted him and knew he would make her much better I just didn’t know he could change our life this much.  He told me to stop her meds immediately and she has not needed or had any since that day! Kimiya, Donya, and I drove from Maple Ridge to West Vancouver for over a year to see Dr. Sukhi. She has started preschool, swimming lessons, playing at the park with no shortness of breath. I even noticed a huge shift in her personality; she was more loving and open to all of us. Then in September 2009 Donya and I started seeing Dr. Sukhi as well, I have experienced so many changes in my body internally and externally my back pains went away.  Our 2 yr old Donya wouldn’t talk and started to talk within a month of getting adjusted, as he removed some of her blockages.  When we come to see Dr. Sukhi and the girls are getting adjusted I ask him all kinds of questions about life and daily challenges and he helps me through them with a few, but thoughtful  words.  I feel a sense of relief and calmness when we enter; to see Kate’s happy face and the great energy she has, to getting adjusted, and then we leave feeling amazing. I really feel like he helped us transform and change the path we were on and now we are on a Healthier, Happier, and more fulfilling path.

Thank you Dr. Sukhi and Kate, We Love you both…..

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"...We are on a Healthier, Happier, and more fulfilling path. Thank you Dr. Sukhi and Kate!"