Before getting adjusted I wasn’t able to play an entire round of golf pain free. A trusted friend who has a similar vision of healthcare referred me to Sukhi, initially I was terrified of seeing chiropractor.  I had dealt with other alternative doctors before and agree with alternative healing and healthcare.  My concern was a bad back that was affecting the mobility of my legs.  The pain was debilitating, such that it was compromising my golfing.

My fear of disablement led me to spend lots of money on preventative care and year’s worth of treatment, but nothing produced results like getting adjusted did.  I received freedom from pain after one adjustment, it was miraculous.  My degenerative condition would have eventually required back surgery if left untreated, so my health transformation experienced from getting adjusted changed my life.

I get adjusted on a regular basis for wellness, and almost forgot that I use to live with pain because it has been gone for so long.  I think chiropractic is a gift.  It is a very gentle process, a holistic process that addresses the whole body.

Chiropractic assists the body to do the healing, to allow it to come into balance.  The adjustment has been a life altering experience.  I even come back early from holidays for an adjustment.  My husband, family and friends have all witnessed my transformation and I am passing on this new methodology to family and friends in sharing my vision of a fulfilling and active life.

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"...We are on a Healthier, Happier, and more fulfilling path. Thank you Dr. Sukhi and Kate!"