Indulge & Stay Healthy Over the Holidays


Achieving Optimal Health is about creating sustainable habits that effortlessly fit into your every day life – even through the holiday season. The holidays are a challenging time to stick with your healthy routines and and continue to move toward your health goals. I see again and again in my practice that it’s the small changes that create the biggest positive impact. Is it possible to indulge and stay healthy? Yes! But remember,

It’s what you do most of the time that counts, not what you do sometimes.


 5 Ways to Thrive through the Holidays

  1. Eat a Healthy Breakfast
  • Leave one meal a day to indulge in good quality protein, veggies and healthy fat. Choose organic eggs, meat & fish or a protein supplement paired with green veggies, like kale, chard and spinach. Breakfast is usually the easiest meal to keep consistent and will keep your energy levels up throughout the day and make you less likely to over indulge because you find yourself starving at dinner time. Don’t skimp out on healthy fats either. Enjoy organic butter, coconut oil, and avocado to keep you satisfied and energetic. An added bonus is protein helps the body detox from the sugar in those extra desserts and alcohol.
  1. Move your Body
  • During the holidays our routines tend to be thrown out the window, along with exercise. Make exercise fun and social – go for walks, play in the park with your younger family members, walk around light festivals and craft shows or go ice skating. You don’t need to trap yourself in a gym to be active.
  1. Be Present & Enjoy your Food
  • What’s your favourite holiday dish? We all have treats that are only around once a year –so enjoy them! Be mindful when you eat and avoid eating in a rush, when standing in the kitchen or on the go. Sit down, enjoy what you’re eating fully by being present and in the moment. On another note, don’t eat things you don’t really enjoy. Cocktail parties and buffets are terrible for having a wide variety of rich foods. Have what you want and more importantly, don’t eat what you don’t really care for.
  1. Connect
  • Sharing food and meals is a wonderful way to bring people together. While your gatherings may be based around food, take time to have meaningful conversations with family, catch up with friends you haven’t seen in a while and enjoy each others presence. Spending time with those you love is the true gift of the holidays.


  1. Create BalanceAfter a few weeks (or a month?) of indulging on a regular basis it’s important to follow that with a few weeks of cleansing and detoxifying your body. This doesn’t mean starving yourself or over dosing on green juice but it’s important match the indulgence of the holidays with healthy, nutrient packed foods. Doing a cleanse in January is a great way to kick off the year moving toward better health, more energy and reaching your health goals. It’s important to not just pick an ‘off the shelf program’ and find one that is flexible to your needs and goals. (Hint, stay tuned about how we can help you with that!)


It’s easy to get caught up in the craze of this season, but take a moment to reflect on what you love most about the holidays and what you wish to create in the new year. Happy Holidays!



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