Mental & Emotional Conditions

There are many times in life when one may feel overwhelmed, anxious, stressed or disconnected. The majority of times this is related to lifestyle stressors that are continually building up and not being fully integrated. Centers for disease control and prevention now estimate that over 80% of health care dollars are being spent on the management of mental and emotional stress related disorders. These disorders may present as; an undesirable behavior, depression, fearful thinking, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, low self worth/esteem, irritability, phobias, insomnia, low energy, etc.

Medicine specializes in emergencies, disease and how things die. Chiropractors are wellness doctors who specialize in health and what makes things live. According to pharmacologist, Dr. Candice Pert, how one expresses emotions and mental thoughts is primarily through neuropeptide and receptor interaction. A neuropeptide acts as a key and the receptor acts as a lock. Similar to your home or vehicle a specific key opens a specific lock. The same is true for expressing optimal emotions and being mentally grounded.

What would happen if you went home one day and somebody changed the locks on your house doors? You would not be able enter, you would be locked out, you would not be able to experience the feelings associated with going into your home. The same is true for receptors. Each neuropeptide once bound to a receptor initiates a cascade of chemicals and hormones that cause specific emotions and mental patterning to be expressed. If one is not fully integrating and adapting to their life it may create patterning in the body leading to torsioning or tension on the master control system, your nerve system. These interference patterns may lead to changes in the shape of the receptors (similar to getting the locks at your home changed) therefore not allowing the specific neuropeptides to bind. As a result, the chemicals and hormones responsible for expressing emotions, behaviors and thought patterns will not be released.

Your physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing comes from within, and you are an inseparable part of your physical, social, cultural and environmental surroundings. Chiropractic adjustments remove the interference patterns in your body facilitating integration and optimal functioning of your nerve system. A survey of over 2800 people receiving regular chiropractic care reported ongoing improvement in health, well being and quality of life. Living a proactive life and accepting responsibility for your health-related learning and behaviors will help you adapt and integrate to your life in ways that you may never thought was possible.



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