We have been domesticated to believe that symptoms are a result of the body malfunctioning and people are continually medicated with the objective to eliminate or mask the symptom. A recent editorial in the American Journal of Medicine stated that “Physicians have adopted their understanding of symptoms automatically and uncritically as the foundation of diagnosis and medical care”. Conventional medicine attempts to treat diseases by focusing on eliminating symptoms.

The chiropractic wellness lifestyle adopts the understanding that within your body there is an incredible intelligence that has been evolving across millions of years. Every moment of every second it coordinates all of your vital functions, such as your heart rate, breathing, digestion, and hormonal balances. All of these functions occur without your conscious thought, yet your body’s intelligence orchestrates it perfectly allowing all the systems in your body to harmoniously function at their optimum.

When confronted with what appears to be an annoying symptom, you may be best served to consider it as being your body’s appropriate response to an environmental or lifestyle stress. It may be a signal telling you what you should or should not do to help your body restore and optimize its health. Symptoms may usually be the result of your body functioning exactly as it was designed, letting you know that something is going on in your system. For example, researchers say that morning sickness serves an adaptive and protective function and that there is a decreased risk of miscarriage associated with morning sickness. Perhaps we should call it morning wellness! Other research has shown that there is overwhelming evidence suggesting that fever is also an adaptive response and that the use of drugs may lead to an increase in morbidity and mortality during most infections.

Knowing that symptoms are the effect of some other cause, chiropractic utilizes the information from your body as a tool to better understand what is going on. Out of respect for your body’s inborn intelligence, the focus is on removing interference between the brain and the body so that your symptoms and health can be better understood and optimally expressed.  As a result your system will be empowered to fully integrate the pattern causing the symptom, allowing you to fully express yourself. Over time as your nerve system adapts and integrates these patterns, your system will be empowered to facilitate cellular regeneration to a higher state of organization.  Although the intention of chiropractic is to facilitate a greater expression and awareness of your inner intelligence, a positive side effect is often a decreased expression of symptoms.



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