Your Health, Your Responsibility

There have been many interesting ideas on health and disease over the past centuries.  All of which were based on societies domestication through some form of media.

In the 17th century it was believed that disease and illness was caused by evil spirits and exorcism was the treatment of choice. In the 19th century bacteriology became the principal model.  The idea was that the cause of most illnesses was infectious and any substance that would kill germs was the treatment of choice. The reality is that we have been symbiotically living with bacteria for millions of years and that each of us carries more bacterial cells on our body than there are people on this planet.  In many cases it is essential to our survival.  In fact this idea has lead to the inappropriate use of antibiotics accelerating the evolution of bacteria to becoming multi-drug resistant.

Today, the new buzz on waging war against disease is genetics.  However, Steve Jones a professor of Genetics at the University College London stated “Human genetics…..biggest success so far has been being over-optimistic about what it can do and the search for genes for common diseases has been largely a bust”.

The common theme has been strong and clear:  your health is determined by factors beyond your control, factors from without, and which lie outside your realm of responsibility. The truth, however, is that your health, life and wellbeing comes from within and will reach its best when you take full responsibility.

Quantum physics has shown that we are active participants in creating and manifesting the life we lead, physically, mentally, emotionally, consciously, culturally and environmentally. Living proactively and taking responsibility for your health-related learning, beliefs, and actions will be your best guide to having a more fulfilling and vibrant life.



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